BombCrypto is a play-to-earn NFT game that was released on September 30th 2021. Players can earn the BCOIN token through playing the game. In this Bomb Crypto guide, we’ll cover buying BCOIN, buying Bomber heroes and playing treasure hunt mode.

BombCrypto game mode selection screen

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Buying BCOIN

Playing the game requires you to have at least one Bomber Hero. Each hero costs 10 BCOIN. BCOIN is a token on the Binance Smart Chain that is used to buy Bomber Heroes, upgrade Heroes and to buy a house for your Heroes. Buying a house will allow you to recharge hero energy at a faster rate but is not required to play the game.

One method to obtain BCOIN is to buy BUSD on Binance, send it to your MetaMask wallet and then buy BCOIN using BUSD on PancakeSwap (or on Some BNB will be needed for fees when purchasing BCOIN and when buying a hero.

Withdrawing BUSD on Binance
Go to ‘Wallet’ from the top menu and select ‘Fiat and Spot’ from the drop-down menu. Select ‘Withdraw’ on the BUSD listing. On the withdraw page, select BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as the network, enter your MetaMask wallet address and the amount to withdraw.

To install MetaMask and configure it for the Binance Smart Chain, follow this guide.

Bomber coin token price and adding BCOIN to MetaMask
View the Bomb Crypto coin price on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Click the fox icon on to add BCOIN to MetaMask. This allows you to see your BCOIN balance in MetaMask.
Swapping BUSD for BCOIN on PancakeSwap
Swapping BUSD for BCOIN on PancakeSwap

How to Buy a Bomber Hero

Once you have at least 10 BCOIN go to and connect your MetaMask wallet to buy a Hero and start playing the game. It is currently not possible to sell Bomber Heroes but the developers say a marketplace to buy and sell heroes using BCOIN will be added to the game.

Buying a Bomber Hero

To buy a Hero, click the ‘Shop’ icon after logging in. In the Shop, select the number of Heroes to buy (x1, x5 or x10) and click the BCOIN icon to continue with the purchase. Next, MetaMask will pop-up notifying you that there is a transaction to confirm. In total, there are 2 or 3 transactions to confirm: Increase Allowance (not always), Mint and Process Token Request. It can take a few minutes to complete the whole process. Each transaction has a fee to pay in BNB, make sure to convert each fee to USD or any familiar currency so you can be certain you are not paying a high amount. If you get a high fee, such as 0.4 BNB, reject the transaction. You can still claim your heroes if you reject the transaction after minting.

Mint hero transaction
Mint hero transaction

How to Play and Earn

The game currently has one mode – Treasure Hunt. Two more modes are planed – Battle and Adventure.

Treasure Hunt Mode

Treausure hunt is an autoplay mode where each of your Bomber Heroes will move around the map and plant bombs. Destroying chests will grant you BCOIN. When a hero’s energy reaches 0 it must rest to restore energy. The rate at which energy is restored without a house is 0.5 per minute. A hero’s total amount of energy is determined by the hero’s stamina stat with each stamina point giving 50 energy – so if your Hero has 2 stamina, your maximum energy will be 100. Heroes will rest on reaching 0 energy, but you’ll need to click to ‘work’ to set them playing again. From my testing, heroes in rest mode will recover energy even if you aren’t connected to the game but working heroes will remain at the same energy level if you aren’t connected – so rest heroes that aren’t at full energy before disconnecting from the game.

BombCrypto Inventory
A Hero will only recover energy if it is active. Click ‘Chest’ on the main menu to view your heroes and set them to active or deactive.

It is also possible for a map to contain a jail block which, once destroyed, will give you a free hero.

Bomb Crypto hero rescue block
Block to destroy to rescue a hero

The maximum number of heroes you can have playing is 15, although it is possible to own more than 15 Bomber Heroes on your account.

Details on withdrawing BCOIN fron Bomb Crypto
Information on withdrawing earnt BCOIN