In this guide we’ll cover how to buy and stake AXS token. We’ll explain how to buy AXS, stake AXS on Binance or and transfer AXS between Binance and Ronin Wallet.

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Where to Buy AXS

To view the exchanges that AXS can be traded on along with the trading pairs available on each exchange, go to the ‘Market’ tab of the Axie Infinity page on CoinMarketCap.

Where to buy AXS

In this guide, we’ll cover buying AXS token through the Ramp network after installing the Ronin Wallet extension but you could also obtain AXS through Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap or another market.

How to Install Ronin Wallet

Ronin Wallet is a wallet for Ronin – an Ethereum sidechain for blockchain games. We can use it to avoid high transaction gas fees. We’ll create a wallet and send the purchased AXS to the wallet address.

Start by going to the Chrome web store and adding the Ronin Wallet extension to Chrome.

Installing Ronin Wallet from Chrome web store.
Add Ronin Wallet to Chrome.

If you cannot see the Ronin Wallet icon after installing the extension, click the jigsaw piece icon next to the address bar and then click the pin next to ‘Ronin Wallet.’ This will pin the extension icon to the addres bar.

Pinning Chrome extension to address bar.

Next, click the Ronin Wallet extension icon and select ‘Get Started’.

Create Ronin wallet.

Now go through the steps to create a wallet. You’ll need to set a password and write down the secret recovery phrase you’re given. Make sure not to lose the secret phrase and do not share it with anyone.

Setup Ronin wallet.

After creating the wallet, you can can see your wallet address and the assets you have in the wallet.

Viewing Ronin wallet assets (WETH, AXS, SLP).

Send AXS from Ronin Wallet to Binance (or Binance to Ronin Wallet)

If you have AXS on Binance and want to send it to your Ronin Wallet, select ‘Withdraw’ on AXS from the Fiat and Spot page of your account.

Buy, deposit, withdraw AXS on Binance

Select Ronin as the Network and make sure to enter your Ronin wallet address in the specified way.

Send AXS from Ronin Wallet to Binance

To send AXS from your Ronin wallet to Binance, select ‘Deposit’ from the Fiat and Spot page of your Binance account.

Select Ronin as the network and you will be given an address to send to.

Deposit AXS to Binance

Now, open your Ronin Wallet extension and click on AXS under ‘Assets.’ Next, click ‘Send’ and enter the address to send AXS to and the amount of AXS to send. If it is your first time sending AXS to Binance, try sending the minimum amount of AXS.

Send AXS token using Ronin wallet
Send an asset from Ronin Wallet.

Buying AXS with Ramp Network

AXS, SLP and WETH can be purchased on the Ramp network using GBP, USD or EUR by clicking the ‘Deposit’ icon in the Ronin Wallet extension.

Buy AXS on Ramp network
Purchasing AXS with GBP. Click details to check the fees and current market price.

Staking AXS

AXS can be staked at The current APR is 114% (28th November 2021) but this amount can change. You can restake AXS rewards at most every 24 hours. Transfer your AXS to your Ronin wallet and connect the wallet to the staking app to get started.

Staking AXS at
Staking AXS at After connecting your Ronin Wallet you can stake, unstake and restake AXS.

AXS locked staking with a duration of 30, 60 or 90 days is available on Binance. These products aren’t always available so check their availability on Binance. With locked staking, the interest is deducted from the returned amount if you chose to move your AXS out of locked staking early. Transfer your AXS to your Binance account if it isn’t already there to make use of their locked staking.

AXS locked staking on Binance
AXS locked staking on Binance

To access locked staking on Binance, sign-in to your Binance account then go to ‘Wallet’ from the main menu and click ‘Earn’ in the drop-down menu. Next, select ‘Binance Staking Products’ under ‘Quick action.’ Type ‘AXS’ in the search bar to filter the list of coins.

Hope this guide was helpful! Lookout for more guides on crypto tokens, NFTs and blockchain games on our blog homepage.